Maximilian R. Schlechtinger

In Accusation of Office Jobs

In Accusation of office Jobs.

Frankly; I hate them.


If theres anything id like to avoid in my future life then thats job in an office; and here comes why.

An office job fills a huge part of your time, more than you’d like to and even more than you’re coming free from it. It demands everything, it drains your energy, you wake up frustrated, you pour coffee, only to wake you up, not to enjoy it. Just to get your brain into a mode of functioning to revive your body from an unpleasant  sleep, because you fell to bed tired, full of fatigue from the last workday and you know, certainly, that you’ll have another one and another one and another one and another one. You constantly wait for Friday, 4pm or 5 pm when you can leave it and then you feel free for a certain, fixed period of time until Monday morning at 8 o’clock you have to sit at the precise exact same desk with the exact dull tasks only in different variations of colour or another stress, or another client, but the same tasks. You were hired for a certain amount of tasks, for a certain type of tasks and it never gets more interesting. You are nothing more than a windows task manager, doing the same shit all over again. Week for week and if you’re lucky year after year. Because there’s nothing more time killing, than a contract that has no limit and can’t be terminated.Office jobs, they leave you a living dead. Because you do nothing more than what a machine could do, but someone else hired you, because people in this world are get hired for no reason. They just have to work, because some politician thought that would be useful if all people would work.Here’s the thing: An office job drains your brain so much, it doesn’t leave any space for you to think about what you’re actually doing. And if you get this moments of clarity; when you think about what you’re actually doing it dawns on you, that this is dull, that this is pretentious and you don’t want to do that. Not the next year, not until you get older, not the next month, not even tomorrow morning.The sad thing is tomorrow morning you will wake up and go all over the thing.Maybe have another moment of clarity, maybe not.But an Office job is like a prison. Even worse it’s like the bad mixture between prision and slavery — and it will catch you.And then you’re stuck.You are stuck.And you have to swim your way through it. And get out of itBecause otherwise: It will kill you!It will slowly kill you.Not in the way Bukowski once proposed: Find what you love and let it kill you.An Office Job is not something you love. It’s the very bottom of the food chain.It’s the platform where you’re parked until you die.Because an Office job has the certainty that your mind is so dulled and so numbed by the dullness of your tasks; that you won’t start a revolt, that you won’t start to question authorities or your boss or the systems you’re working in. You just work.You complain, yeah sure …You get home, grab a beer and complain about your job. To your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, wife, to the lads in the pub. You complain, sure.It’s all so bad and that you don’t want to do that anymore. And if you’d got the chance you will blow your bosses brains out. But you never do.Tomorrow morning you’ll get up and do the same shit all over again. And the revolt is not much more than a dream.
And then you do dream. Of far lands. Of Vacation. Not even of travel, you don’t dare to dream of travel, you dream of vacation or just rest. And that’s it. Nothing more. And in this rest, you spend your time thinking about work and how bad it is and that you don’t want to do that anymore.And then after two weeks of vacation you get back and do the exact same things all over again.
Office Jobs, like all day jobs, must be quitted. It’s the heaviest thing ever layed upon a human mind. Because intelligent minds are needed to fulfil office jobs, and they’re all drained, caught up in it and this world deserves better, than people numbed by a system, numbed by a capitalistic system in which it needs to be ensured that they all get payed, somehow, for tasks they do with the efficiency of kindergarden children.And isn’t that bad? Isn’t that dreadful?And all the social behaviour that goes along with it gets numbed all the way. We tend to behave like kindergarden children, because we have the exact same situation as in kindergarden, only that we get payed for it and we get to choose our own bedtime — somehow, and that’s it.We live together, eight hours a day, with people we most likely don’t like and where authorities are not our parents whom we usually love, but some kind of boss we most likely don’t like. We most likely want to blow his brains out or have some other violent phantasies. And in these office jobs you could kill anything, you could kill the bravest soul, the most creative human mind and any idea that has ever sparked in an office job ran, it just ran away, because in an office job no creativity is needed.All this creativity and flexibility they speak of in interviews, it’s a lie. A blunt lie. They only want you, because you could fulfil a task they don’t want to do themselves. And that’s it.All these advertisements for those jobs are lied. No one want’s to do them so have to make it appealing, but let’s be honest:Who want’s to sit, at a desk, the same place, the same computer, the same computer screen, the same handful of  tasks, eight hours a day, 45 years straight, and then get payed a pension, and that’s it.Who want’s to do that?Really?I mean we spend, a couple of years in school. Sitting at a desk eight hours a day, listening to stuff all we question is why we will need that in future times. We wont.Almost everything we have been taught in school is useless in an office job because you get payed for doing a couple of tasks; you could get any idiot to do them. The only thing that differs is the amount of time they need to learn that couple of tasks, nothing more. And if you’re intelligent you learn them in two hours and then you spend to rest of your office time in desperation.
You don’t want that.Quit you day-job, quit your office job. Live a life of true creativity and true freedom out of the system.


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