Maximilian Schlechtinger

fight for art

fight for art

As long as there is poetry
As long as there’s wit and laughter
There’s intellectual fraudry
And the verbal penetrating slaughter. 

As long as there’s aestheticism
And beauty and perception of style
There’s the burnt old chauvinism
Putting fragile things a’woodn pile 

As long as there’s a person willing
And a world perpetually ashgr’ed
There’s bad champagne spilling
Not the last mumbled nor said 

As long as there’s theatre and play
As long as there’s a market for color
There’s the headlines reading and say
Of world’s bitterness and vivid dolor 

We’re willing to claim in daylight
The urgent ‘rien ne va plus’
Yes, we are willing to stand a’fight
For us and the world in lieu. 

As long as there’s breath and wine
As long as there’s the clairvoyance
of our pens ‘n brushes. We’ll shine
in utter beauty and vivid flamboyance

Vabrix Am’thyst


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